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Volcanic rocks, archaeological monuments, beautiful little churches, rugged beaches and old mines compose a puzzle of unique images that the visitor will encounter, should he decides to…walk on Milos and get to know the less touristic but utterly interesting side of the island. What is more, the rich subsoil, due to its volcanic history, creates a rare flora with one of a kind herbs, plants and trees, like the century-old cedar tree of Milos and an ecosystem where rare animals, plants and reptiles live. To get to know this hidden side of the island better, you will need an experienced guide, which is absolutely easy to find, since on the island, hiking activities are regularly organized, while at the same time, there is “the Group of Friends of Mountain and Sea” from which you can get information about hiking events and instructions on the routes you can follow. Are you interested to find out more? Do not hesitate to contact us!